“Talent perceives differences: genius, unity.”
— W.B. Yeats

Aimee is many sisters in one body. Each sister has a unique experience structure that allows her to see the world as an individual. While it has been difficult, there are many joys in her life. She has married and loves her children. Aimee is a teacher and wants each student to have the experiences they deserve to learn and grow. Within Aimee are a writer, poet, painter, singer, pianist, planner, baker, gardener, workers of all kinds, a scientist or two and plenty of sisters with great love in their heart for others. There are also some strong-willed, stubborn and even gritty sisters too!

Together, the sisterhood has a strong desire to help, support and encourage others who are more than one and those who have had big, hurtful and unkind in their lives. The sisters take every opportunity to help children in need through volunteering, advocacy and education.

Aimee continues in therapy and has the highs and lows one would expect when working for understanding. She has grown in confidence and is finding her way in the world. Tall Man is always there for her.